Introducing the 2020 StingRay Special Bass Collection – Ernie Ball Music Man

Introducing the all-new 2020 Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay Special Bass collection. First introduced in 1976, the StingRay bass has become one of the most iconic bass guitars in history. Available now, explore the collection here.

To me there’s no better piece of art than a beautifully designed and built instrument. It wouldn’t be possible to do that without the blend of beautiful craftsman and well executed technology.

Sterling Ball, Ernie Ball Music Man Founder

The Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay has been reimagined with features that provide a new level of playing comfort while retaining that classic StingRay sound. Hear from Ernie Ball Music Man founder, Sterling Ball talk about the history of the StingRay and how we optimized and modernized the bass into the new StingRay Special.

The contouring of the StingRay Special is all about comfort and playability. The arm contour is less like a one-directional ramp and more spherical to allow for a comfortable place to rest your forearm at any angle. The 5 bolt neck joint combined with the neck joint contour improves fret access with an ergonomic carve that matches the shape of the player’s palm when in the upper registers.

Made with roasted maple, the sculpted neck joint provides uninhibited access to all 22 stainless steel frets. The resins in the wood are hardened, giving you a beautiful color while also providing additional stability.

The StingRay Special bass pickups feature powerful neodymium magnets with a higher output that creates a dynamic range while preserving the StingRay sound. This bass also offers a redesigned 18-volt preamp for maximized headroom without clipping — ultimately giving you more power. The 3-bands allow ultimate control over the high end, which is not so harsh, the mid-range is reset, and the bass is focused on the most utilized frequencies.

We can make this sound like any vintage bass you’ve ever heard but give you all of the benefits of an active bass.

Sterling Ball

The new StingRay Special offers solid roadworthy construction, elegant oval pickguard, new tuning keys for weight reduction, and the ever-popular Ernie Ball Music Man humbucking pickups. All together producing a look, feel, and sound that is remarkably unmistakable.

Reengineered aluminum hardware and new lightweight Ernie Ball Music Man tuning machines make for a lighter, more balanced instrument that averages around a pound less than previous StingRay bass models. New roasted maple necks complete the package, finished with gunstock oil and wax.

Pickup Options

The StingRay Special bass comes in a single or dual humbucking configuration with the updated neodymium magnets for higher output and the iconic sound of the StingRay bass that we all know and love.

Explore the entire collection on our website.

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