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After a year of cancellations, musicians can rest assured knowing that NAMM is back for 2021. It looks a little different, though; the National Association of Music Merchants is hosting a virtual “Believe in Music” edition. At Sterling by Music Man, we’re starting the year off with a bang by unveiling the full 2021 new lineup announcement From makeovers on old favorites to brand new guitars, our lineup this year has something for everyone. Be sure to keep an eye on our social media channels for more information, and, if you haven’t already, sign up for our newsletter to receive exclusive updates from Sterling by Music Man.


All new for 2021, Mariposa is joining the Sterling by Music Man roster. Designed in collaboration with Mars Volta and At the Drive-In composer and guitarist Omar Rodríguez-López, the Mariposa is a stunner. The guitar’s unique body shape is eye-catching, but there is more than meets the eye with the Mariposa. Equipped with two humbucking pickups controlled by separate volume knobs, this guitar has endless tonal options. Featuring a roasted maple neck, locking tuners, three-way switching, and block inlays, this guitar is a striking new addition to the Sterling by Music Man lineup. The Mariposa is available in Dorado Green and Imperial White.


Inspired by the original 1970s Ernie Ball Music Man designs, one of the most versatile guitars in the Sterling by Music Man lineup is getting an upgrade. Our newest addition to the Cutlass Collection is the Cutlass CT50. Rocking a roasted maple neck with rosewood or roasted maple fingerboard, a poplar body, a super smooth vintage tremolo, and locking tuners, the Cutlass CT50 has all the appointments for performance and playability. Choose from either three vintage-inspired single coils (the SSS model) or the versatile humbucker and two single coil configurations (the HSS model). This guitar can do anything from gritty lead tones, funky rhythm, or classic single-coil tones. All new for 2021, the Cutlass CT50SSS comes in Toluca Lake Blue and Vintage Sunburst, while the Cutlass CT50HSS is available in Rose Gold, Firemist Silver, Dropped Copper, and Vintage Cream.


Last year, we collaborated with Jason Richardson to develop the seven string Richardson Signature Cutlass. Following the success of that guitar, we’re bringing a six string configuration into the lineup in 2021. The Richardson6 is equipped with all of the same features that made the original signature model such a hit: a custom contoured lower horn, a roasted maple neck with rosewood fretboard, dual Sterling by Music Man designed artist humbuckers, push-push volume control and coil tap, and of course, a highly figured poplar burl top. Richardson6 is designed to deliver all of the innovations that Jason Richardson brought to the Cutlass in a slightly more traditional six-string package. To match its predecessor, the Richardson6 is available in Natural Poplar Burl Burst.

majesty maj200qxm


Fans of high performance guitars will be glad to see the Majesty make its return for 2021. Designed to accommodate the playing of John Petrucci, these guitars are the ultimate tools for expression with no compromise. Loaded with stainless steel frets, locking tuners, an ebony fretboard, and a modern tremolo, the Majesty MAJ200XQM is built to push the boundaries of guitar music. The guitar would not be complete without DiMarzio LiquiFire and CrunchLab pickups, providing an astounding tone to match its look and feel. The all-new Majesty MAJ200QXM in Cerulean Paradise is a perfectly designed modern instrument for those looking to push their sound into overdrive.



The JP150DSM is designed with John Petrucci’s intensive and iconic playing style in mind. This guitars achieves the pinnacle of tone, loaded with DiMarzio LiquiFire and Crunch Lab pickups. For optimal playability, it also comes with an ebony fretboard, 24 stainless steel frets, and, for the first time ever, a spalted maple veneer top option — the JP150DSM alchemizes craftsmanship and innovation for any distinguished guitarist. Now available in Blood Orange Burst.

jp150 & jp157


The JP150 and JP157 were designed with John Petrucci’s intensive and iconic playing style in mind. Equipped with Sterling by Music Man custom humbucking pickups, these guitars come loaded with modern tones to satisfy any contemporary guitarist looking to push the limits. Complete with a roasted maple fretboard, 24 medium jumbo frets, and a flame maple veneer top, this guitar alchemizes craftsmanship and innovation for any distinguished guitarist. Now available in Trans Black Satin (6-string and 7-string) and Royal Red (6-string).

Stingray rayss4


Good things come in small packages, like the StingRay RaySS4. This short scale bass squeezes the iconic StingRay sound into a 30″ scale length, perfect for any bassist seeking a “big and bold” tone in a compact package. This bass’ ease of playability is complemented by its passive boost and single humbucking pickup with higher output neodymium magnets capable of parallel, true single coil, and series modes. That means it delivers comfortability without any compromise in sound. The StingRay RaySS4 is now available in Dropped Copper.

stingray ray34 & ray35


The StingRay’s unmistakable timbre has made them a mainstay in music since its introduction and a staple for any bassists collection. These basses feature a roasted maple neck, a modern contoured body, and a 3-band active pickup. Choose from a single or dual alnico humbucking option for the purest StingRay sound or for tonal versatility. The StingRay Ray34 is now available in Vintage Sunburst and Neptune Blue Satin, and the StingRay Ray34HH comes in Natural Burst Satin. The StingRay Ray35 comes in Vintage Sunburst, and the StingRay Ray35HH is available in Natural Burst Satin.

axis ax3fm


The Axis AX3FM is a marker of the legacy of iconic guitars and a modern encapsulation of guitar innovations. Featuring a 5-way selector, and asymmetrical neck, and a vintage-inspired tremolo, the Axis puts early guitar developments and modern convenience together. For 2021, the Axis AX3FM is back in two vibrant flame maple top options, Trans Gold and Neptune Blue, ideal for guitar players who want to feel history in their fingertips.

stingray ray4 & ray5


The StingRay Ray4 & Ray5 are the perfect gateway into the realm of StingRay sounds. For any bassist looking to add to their collection, look no further than the round, punchy tone unique to this bass. Rocking a 34″ scale length, a hard maple neck, and the Sterling by Music Man humbucker design in a single or dual pickup configuration, this bass is ready to rip in the studio or on stage. For 2021, the StingRay Ray4HH comes in Pacific Blue Burst Satin, and both the StingRay Ray4HH and Ray5HH come in Candy Apple Red.

CUTLASS CT30 & STingray sr30


Our modern classic guitars promise versatility for any contemporary guitar player. The Cutlass CT30 and StingRay SR30 take inspiration from vintage guitars while revolutionizing them with current-day adornments — decked with 22 narrow frets, a 25.5″ scale length, a 4-over-2-headstock with straight string-through, and a modern tremolo system. The Cutlass’ SSS and HSS configurations put a timeless sound in the palm of your hands, while the offset body and HH pickups of the StingRay deliver a bold, biting tone. The Cutlas CT30SSS is now available in Fiesta Red, and the StingRay SR30 has a Daphne Blue finish option.

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