theGUITARaddict: Ibanez 2021 (9): LB1

That’s right, this is the other signature model helping to propel the AZS this year, the Ibanez LB1. All modern appointments despite flirting with the Telecaster outline. The pickup combo there is very interesting; a standard humbucker & a pair of Telecaster single coils. These are Seymour Duncan Lari Basilio signature models. 

So Ibanez did a smart thing in terms of product marketing; they did the Josh Smith model & this Lari Basilio signature to complement the AZS2209 & AZS2200 respectively. If you do not wish to invest in signature specs, you have the standard production models to consider. 

By virtue of this endorsement, there’s rife talk elsewhere saying Ibanez is now above what Suhr has to offer, otherwise, Lari Basilio wouldn’t have switched camps. If you endorse this notion, it is disrespecting what a good guitar should be; it should transcend the brand name fanfare. Suhr hold its own in terms of quality & aesthetic appeal. The upper end Ibanez models, in my opinion, are in a different league. It’s all about knowing which market sector one is appealing to. In their best manifestations, these would not replace any Suhr instruments comprehensively; they are just different. 

Also, another popular opinion making its round is that Ibanez has failed to replicate the Telecaster livery. But were these models conceived to out-perform the immortal Telecaster to begin with? We note both AZS models are equipped with their own quirks (whammy bridge, curved control panel, etc.) hence stamping a unique identity this side of the Telecaster. If you are a Tele devotee, it’s best to understand what the AZS is about.

Introduction formalities by Lari herself.

Now, where have we seen that purple before? ?

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