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Folks, H&K has these for your consideration – the Spirit Nano amp heads. If you’ve heard their Spirit 200 models in action, the tones would be along those lines; rather brazen in the overdrive section & arguably above-average cleans if paired with the right driver. 

Please be informed that these are solid state technology with proprietary internal tube simulators that the manufacturer refers to as the Spirit Tone Generator. You get three different voicings here, the Vintage (clean-esque tone with minor break ups once it’s cranked up), Rock (so H&K claims there’s brown sound in this one) & Metal (self-explanatory, this one). 

Despite its scaled down affair, the amp head generates 50W of power but misses that opportunity to be great as no FX loop feature is offered here. I mean, it includes a cab sim but not an FX loop so the implication is that you can go crazy over at the computer end of things but for no frills practicality, it fell short. Differentiated control knob colours for the three models; that’s a nice touch.

I am not here to play the part of the party pooper but I want us to take a look at the fate of preceding mini amp head models. Take the Vox MV50 series & Joyo’s Bantamp amps – were these hits or misses? These are novelty releases at best. They came & went. Some of us might take interest along the way but they don’t offer us enough staying power in terms of tone. Regardless of the amp size, tone is everything when t comes to amps. Amp software plug-ins are the mini amp head killers & we are aware of this.

The amp head situation in general is further compounded by the fact that players in this country are averse to owning a stacked unit. They cite legal complications relating to noise levels in housing estates as well as high rise private residential areas. Talk to the stores here & they will tell you the pain of selling amp heads, let alone a stacked unit in any dimension. Regardless of the situation, I’m leaving the H&K promo clip here for enticements:

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