theGUITARaddict: Squier 2021: Contemporary listings

Exciting debut in the Squier camp this year – the Contemporary Stratocasters.

These are manufactured in China & here are the reasons why we should at least check them out when they get here.

  • The top most model you see there is a Floyd Rose equipped HH model. Rather typical but the Floyd unit is an ‘FR’ model as stated by the manufacturer (there’s even an FR logo stamped on the bass side bridge flap). We would have expected an FR Special at this price point but it’s an exciting introduction. However don’t be surprised if it’s actually a re-designed FRS. Keep in mind that an Original FR unit made in Germany lists for an upward of $500 so having one in a Squier of this pedigree just doesn’t make sense.
  • If the FR is not your thing, then the Contemporary Strat is offered in a non-locking whammy version (middle pic). Look closely, that’s not a slanted humbucker, the middle single coil had been pushed towards the bridge to give an illusion of a humbucker being there. The interesting point to note here is the wiring; in position 1, both the bridge & middle pickups are connected in series so you get a humbucking option. Also, in position 4, all pickups are activated. How cool is that?
  • Of course, if you wish for no whammy at all, a hard tail option is available (bottom pic) but it’s only offered with a laurel fretboard in the mean time. Do note that all models in this series feature roasted maple necks. 

I just wish that maple fretboard versions feature unfinished headstocks as well but that’s just me. The definite ‘like’ in this case is the fact that Squier opted for 1x vol / 1x tone control to keep things simple & out of the way.

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